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How to get rid of pimple scars

Pimple is a skin condition that occurs due to blockage of skin pores through dirt and excess oils secreted by the skin. Pimples can occur on any part of the body and almost nine out of ten teenagers have either pimples or breakouts of pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. These pimples have a tendency to leave a mark on the skin after they burst. Pimples and the pimple scars are usually treated with natural home remedies, medications, vitamin supplements and other cosmetic treatments.

How to get rid of pimple scars

A teenager suffering from pimples might be too shy to ask for a treatment at the outset. The best part is that most of the best treatments for the marks on the face left by pimples are available through the products available in the home or kitchen shelves. These products are also the safest and suitable for all skin types.

Neem paste and sandal powder: Sandalwood has a natural power to lighten the skin marks and neem is an anti-infective product. A combination of both can effectively bring a natural tone to the pimple scars left out by the eruption of pimples.

Honey: Honey is a natural moisturizing agent. Its antiseptic properties combined with moisturizer nurtures the skin and separates the scar tissue from the pimple scar areas.The antiseptic nature of homey also prevents future pimple breakouts.

Oat face pack: An effective face mask for getting rid of pimple scars is to mix oatmeal, yoghurt and sour crèam with drops of lemon over it. Yoghurt and cream have bacterial agents which soften the skin and oatmeal provides a smooth look to the face. Apply this pack to the scars and rinse with warm water after 10 minutes.

Baking soda: This is a good instance of micro dermabrasion wherein the baking soda is mixed with water and applied on the skin. Rub and wash off with warm water. This can lighten the scars immediately and present a smooth look to the face.

Aloevera: Aloe gel has healing and soothing properties. Applying it on the pimple scars can smoothen the skin and reduce inflammation in cases where the pimple is in the healing process. Consumption of aloe juice can help in healing the skin internally.

Lime juice: Lime juice can help in the removal of dead skin cells and lighten the scars making them less visible.

Above all, water is a super agent which can heal any kind of skin problem. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water can flush out toxins from the body and help eliminate pimple scars from the skin.

There are many over the counter products having cortisone, Kojic acid and vitamin C as ingredients are available in the market. These products claim to help in eradicating the pimple marks from the skin. However, the advice of a dermatologist is pertinent to choose the best product based on the skin type and nature /intensity of the pimple scar.

If the pimple scar appears very deep and do not fade over time, it is important to visit a dermatologist to opt for cosmetic treatments like laser skin resurfacing or skin filler injections to get rid of the pimple marks on the skin.

Patience is the key to get rid of the scars on the skin due to pimple breakouts. The remedies and treatments are innumerable and a continuous effort to have a regular skin care routine can never raise a doubt about how to get rid of pimple scars on the skin.

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